© Almay
Hi! Welcome to a whole new Almay!

We are for all sides of you. For self-expression in every stroke, for trying out that new look, for redefining beauty in your own image.

Whether less is more you or bold is your kind of beautiful, we celebrate your individual taste and natural quirks, pops of color, authentic edges and diverse points of view.

Almay doesn’t transform you. We believe in showing off what nature gave you: Your freckled skin, your fresh face, your full lips, your bushy brows, each and every distinctly different hue of you.

Almay says love yourself, love your look and never look back. Seek new inspiration. Find your signature shades. Stand out and stand tall. Almay is here to reveal the true you.

P.S. Over the next few months you’ll see a new look for our new brand. Fresh faces, new packaging, expanded shade ranges for more skintones. We are excited to share our new brand with you!