These are our values

Almay: effortless, clean, hypoallergenic makeup with nothing to hide. Easy to use, easy to choose options for your face, eyes, lips, and cheeks. With safe, effective ingredients and smarter formulas that give you the results you want, while minimizing the risk of irritation.

Almay makeup looks great, feels great, and loves your skin—for real.

We are also making strides toward a sustainable future by developing products packaged using sustainable materials. Our products are cruelty free, fragrance free, and doctor tested. 

We’re committed to doing right by you. Because we believe in creating makeup that, first and foremost, is based on the principle of doing no harm—not to your skin, sensitive eyes, nor the planet. 

How we’re sustainable forward
We’ve made it our mission to minimize our impact on the planet. That means that we’re working on sustainable, eco-friendly elements for our packaging. Stay tuned, because we have some exciting developments in the works.

How we’re doctor tested
We always test our products with a dermatologist and/or an ophthalmologist to ensure that our makeup is suitable for all skin types*, for those with sensitive eyes, and those who wear contact lenses.

When you visit each of the product pages here on, you’ll find a description of not only what the product can do for you, but the details about how it was tested. We believe that transparency and information allow you to make choices you can feel confident about.

How we’re clean and hypoallergenic
We always strive to be as clean as possible with our formulas. So what does that actually mean? We’re extremely selective about what we put in our products. Out of 10,000 possible ingredients, we only use 500 (fewer than 5%). 

Our driving force toward being clean is our commitment to being hypoallergenic, which has been our core mission from day one. In order for a product to be truly hypoallergenic, our development teams and doctors have to review the safety tests of thousands of ingredients and consider the impact of combining them together into a formula.

All Almay products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they aren’t likely to irritate your skin, sensitive eyes, or those who wear contacts.

How we are cruelty free
Almay loves its furry friends. We do not test our products on animals and, instead, we substantiate the safety of all of our products the humane and modern way–using state-of-the-art product-safety principles and methodologies.

How it all started
Almay has been changing the beauty game since 1931. In a world of heavy, highly fragranced, irritating products, chemist and founder Alfred Woititz embarked on a beauty line that defied the times.

His inspiration? His wife, Fanny May, who had sensitive skin, a delicate complexion, and strong opinions that helped shape our brand.

Together, they developed products that would help all women of all skin types look and feel their best. With the help of dermatologist Dr. Marion Sulzberger, the duo created the first hypoallergenic, fragrance-free cosmetic line. They coined it Almay, a perfect combination of Al+May. The rest is history.

* Certain Almay® products contain carmine, a color additive widely used in makeup, including makeup for sensitive skin. Carmine may cause sensitivity in a limited number of individuals.